Production Support

The SRS Production Support Practice makes sure that your enterprise applications stay “Live” at all times, giving you an edge over your competition.

Production Support is a very important pillar of your enterprise application investment. It is not the same as design, development, and deployment of applications. Production support makes sure that the application is available for use at all times post deployment. Detailed processes and frameworks are required for successful production support.

At SRS, our Production Support processes and frameworks emerge from our deep understanding of technology, experience, and industry-wide best practices. This is what ensures that with the SRS Production Support service, your enterprise application is reliable, scalable, stable, and agile. We offer a comprehensive set of Application Management Solutions that range from portfolio optimization, re-engineering, migration, testing, tweaking, and tuning. We keep your system downtime to the minimum, enhance performance, and let you focus on your strategic initiatives.

The four broad pillars of our production support framework are:

  1. Operations Management
  2. Production Control
  3. Performance & Availability
  4. Monitoring

We make sure that your applications are available to you at all times, are running at peak efficiency, and are constantly monitored for issues.

To find out more about our Production Support Practice and how we can help your business-critical enterprise applications stay “live,” get in touch with us today.