SMART Staffing

Our Smart Staffing methodology ensures that you get the right resource for the right job. When you partner with us, you can leave your staffing needs to us and focus on what you do best – drive your business.

The SRS SMART (Strategic+Measurable+Action Oriented+Research Driven+Time Critical) Staffing methodology is rooted in the firm belief that the quality of output depends on the quality of input. We make sure that the human resources that eventually drive your mission-critical processes are perfect for the job. Our staffing methodology is Strategic; Measurable; Action Oriented; Research Driven; Time-Critical. This ensures a perfect alignment of the incoming resource with your overall strategy to drive a measurable business impact and the shortest time-to-value.

We work with client HR and IT hiring managers to enable efficient and successful employee and consulting resource hiring.  At SRS, we like to take the time to accurately understand the client requirement before commencing our rigorous selection process. To ensure absolute client focus, SRS provides dedicated account managers to identify and focus on our client’s staffing needs.

In turn, our account managers work with our dynamic staffing team to identify the required talent from a vast database of resources.

Finally, the staffing team works with our internal technical teams to ensure that the talent presented can properly address all requirements.

Once the candidate is accepted by the client, we conduct a thorough background check that includes:

  1. Employment History
  2. Credit History
  3. Felony & Misdemeanor Records
  4. Education
  5. Written checks and confirmation of references
  6. Verification of legal work status
  7. Drug tests

Only after clearing all our quality checks do we permit the candidate to commence work with the client.