The SRS Onsite Delivery Model places our team on your premises. It’s a tightly controlled engagement which allows you to have a quasi-in-house team of skilled experts.

The SRS Onsite Delivery Model brings the SRS expertise to your premises. We station a skilled team of experts on the client site to ensure continuous interaction with your project/business manager through the duration of the engagement. All phases of the engagement, from information collection to implementation, maintenance, and support are carried out on-site. It only differs from having an in-house team in the sense that the responsibility for staffing, training, and project delivery is ours.

Onsite delivery model is usually preferred in cases where the project scope is open-ended, like with process reengineering. In situations where the overall objective is not quite clear, or there is a large degree of flexibility needed, the onsite model finds more traction. In cases where direct and continuous client participation and interaction is needed at every step of the process, having the SRS team onsite provides optimal results.

Typically, the onsite delivery model is best for short-term engagements because the onus of accommodating the team and scaling up the associated resources rests on the client and as such increases overheads.

The advantages of our Onsite Delivery Model are:

  • Increased responsiveness to changes in deliverables
  • Continuous interaction between client and delivery team
  • Improved communication
  • Lowest time-to-market