The SRS Offshore Delivery Model enables clients to leverage our best-in-class resources, global footprint, and access to top quality talent to gain a clear edge in an increasingly competitive marketplace.

In the SRS Offshore Delivery model, the entire engagement is serviced at our state-of-the-art development center in India. Our offshore team deals directly with the client through communication technologies. However, in person interaction is minimal owing to the geographical distances.

With our offshore delivery model, the client gets the benefit of our state-of-the-art infrastructure, best-in-class resources, and top talent pool to gain a significant competitive advantage. Clients usually prefer the offsore delivery model for engagements that are well planned and very structured in nature so that there is no need for constant revisions or interventions from the client.

What do clients get when they partner with us for an offshore delivery engagement?

Top Talent

SRS takes full responsibility for sourcing and staffing the engagement teams to cater to project requirements. clients can focus on their core strategic activities without worrying about the hassles of human capital sourcing.

Cost Effectiveness

One of the biggest advantages of our offshore delivery model is its cost effectiveness. Being able to deploy resources without geographic constraints enables us to deliver top-notch quality along with unbelievable cost efficiency.

24/7/365 productivity

Our comprehensive spectrum of services combined with our ready access to top resources and our global footprint, means that we’re able to guarantee a 24x7x365 service spread and ensure that you and your customers get the optimal service experience at all times.