The SRS Near-Shore Delivery Model gives you the perfect balance of geographical proximity and reduced cost overheads.

The SRS Near-shore delivery model provides the client with the option of working with an onshore – offsite facility. We understand that a lot of clients like to maintain tight control over every step of the engagement. In cases where an on-site engagement is not possible due to cost/space concerns, the near-shore delivery model is the next best alternative. The near-shore delivery model works well with clients who are most comfortable engaging with a team that shares geographical and cultural proximity.

The near-shore model enables the client and our team to interact in person on a regular basis, thereby ensuring that no communication gaps exist.

The onsite delivery model requires clients to accommodate the SRS onsite team on their premises. This adds to cost overheads. However, when the client is not in a position to expand their facilities to accommodate our team, and yet want to retain the engagement within the same shores for reasons of project complexity or security, our near-shore delivery model offers the perfect balance of cost and control.

Constant communication between SRS and the client team also ensures agility and responsiveness to changes in deliverable specifications. Since the development happens at our premises, there is no operational downtime for the client during the development process. Once ready, our experts deploy the solution on client premises and ensure a smooth knowledge transfer to your workforce.

The advantages of our near-shore delivery model are:

  • Faster response time
  • Clear expectation mapping
  • Improved synchronization
  • Reduced cost overheads compared to onsite delivery framework