Enterprise 2.0

Bring Web 2.0 to your Enterprise Applications and leverage the power of social collaboration to maximize efficiencies.

Organizations today are exploring more efficient ways to leverage social networking and collaboration as competitive strategies. The SRS Enterprise 2.0 Development service offers the complete spectrum of enterprise grade Web 2.0 technologies and user interaction capabilities.

We provide a comprehensive, open and manageable portfolio of Web 2.0 services that includes Rich Web 2.0 Services geared towards facilitating communication, collaboration, networking, as well as structured and unstructured information management. Enterprise 2.0 provides tangible value to organizations trying to rationalize their technology investments based on tangible ROI. SRS builds highly dynamic and interactive entrprise 2.0 applications for both internal and external stakeholders to drive better CRM, Customer satisfaction, knowledge management and crisis response.

SRS develops Enterprise 2.0 solutions that are Freeform, Linked, Searchable, Network Oriented, and Social in nature.  With our Enterprise 2.0 development capabilities added to our enterprise expertise, We can help you create enterprise 2.0 applications that facilitate ease of information sharing and collaboration within an enterprise and help you achieve your business objectives more rapidly.

Some of our Enterprise 2.0 services are:

  • Custom web infrastructure
  • Content, knowledge management
  • Community portals and shared spaces
  • Interactive mobile solutions
  • Media sharing and management
  • Usability and design for hybrid applications (web + desktop)
  • Gaming and edutainment

If you would like to find out more about Enterprise 2.0 and how SRS can leverage it to help your business gain tangible strategic benefits, get in touch with us today.