Managed Projects

Also known as project-based engagement, this model involves the client handing over the day-to-day operational management control of the project to the outsourcing services partner. This frees up the company’s resources to focus on core strategic initiatives.

The SRS Consulting Inc Managed Projects engagement process allows the client a variety of benefits like:

  • Quick realization of cost savings
  • Improved focus on core competences
  • End-to-end vendor’s responsibility for projects
  • Access to specific technology expertise and best practices
  • Sole responsibility of the vendor for recruitment, hiring and training
  • Avoidance of long-term risk

SRS successfully leverages its global delivery footprint and multi-site presence to deliver optimal value for the client. As evident in the schematic, the client no longer needs to be involved in day to day operational management. The on-site SRS engagement manager acts as the primary point of contact for the BU head / Manager.

We maintain constant and efficient communication between our on-site team and our off-site or off-shore teams to ensure optimal value delivery. Our Managed Projects engagement model is a clearly phased process with well defined activity and deliverable schedules to ensure on-time completion.