Fixed Price

Achieve absolutely predictable budget forecasts and fastest time to value on your enterprise IT systems with our Fixed Price Engagement Model.

Our Fixed Price engagement model is best suited for projects with a definite scope and clear specifications. Clients usually choose to engage with us using this model when there are no unknowns involved in the project and time and effort required can be accurately estimated.

This model is ideal for mature processes and projects with detailed specifications, timelines, and budget. The expectations are set out at the start of the engagement and there is minimal scope for modifications or changes midway through the engagement. This allows organizations to tightly control the budget while availing the benefits of our wide and well qualified talent pool. Periodic feedback and constant communication are critical in this engagement model.

The biggest advantage of our Fixed Price engagement is the budget predictability and fastest time to value due to clearly defined requirements. When clients partner with SRS using the Fixed Price engagement model, they get the benefits of our global footprint, deep technological expertise, and our talent pool while also getting high quality solutions and services that add value directly to the bottom-line.

Fixed Price engagement does not mean we use a one size fits all template. The project requirements are still tightly aligned to your business objectives to ensure maximum efficiencies and higher returns on your technology investments.