Managed Capacity

Leverage the full set of SRS capabilities in permutations and combinations that suit your requirements and still cap your overall budget with our Managed Capacity Engagement Model.

With our Managed Capacity Engagement Model, the clients buy a certain number of work hours at a pre-negotiated rate and these work hours are then utilized across various tasks and processes that fit the client’s business need. Think of it as buying a Lego set. You get a number of blocks and then choose to make of them what you want, using different permutations and combinations.

This engagement model is most effective when the project outcome is definite and clearly established but the path to the end is prone to changes. If the nature of work, skills, or capabilities required to deliver the pre-decided outcome are likely to change, or if different kinds of skills are required at various phases of a multi-phase project but you’re not quite sure when, how, or how much, then the Managed Capacity Engagement Model is for you.

This model caps the upper limit of what you pay based on the clearly defined final outcome and effort estimation. This helps improve the financial planning and management at the client end. Since you buy a portfolio of services and skills, you have the flexibility of tweaking things around while still maintaining control of your budget. Ramping up and ramping down of a project is far easier with this engagement model.

This engagement model gives you access to the widest range of SRS capabilities and best-in-class resources. To find out if this model is the one for you, give us a call and we’ll be happy to answer your questions.