Value Proposition

We’re not service providers. We’re your partners in growth. Nothing makes us happier than helping our clients reap the benefits of our relentless pursuit of excellence. When you partner with us, we bring more to the table than just our Technology expertise.

Robust, Scalable Processes

Our processes are designed to deliver irrespective of the scale. Measurability and Responsiveness are built into our systems to ensure optimal value for the client. As a company, SRS Consulting is immensely data friendly. We constantly measure, analyze, benchmark our process performance to look for improvement avenues.

Access to Resources & Infrastructure required for providing turnkey solutions

Our physical presence in two geographically distinct locations gives us access to a very large spectrum of resources, both physical, as well as intellectual. Our physical presence coupled with our virtual reach enables us to mobilize resources and infrastructure to service any client need. We pride ourselves in our ability to deliver end to end solutions to our clients, effectively relieving them from the hassle being involved in operational details and allowing them to focus on their core strategic initiatives.

Client-centric policies

As an organization, we have a very clear and well entrenched client-centric philosophy. All our processes, systems, and policies are designed in line with this philosophy. Be it confidentiality of client information, process responsiveness, or problem resolution, all our efforts are always geared towards giving our clients an experience in line with their expectations.

Commitment to excellence, quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction

Right from performance monitoring, utilization of frequent feedback loops, rapid adoption of industry best practices, to systemic orientation towards measuring and improving customer satisfaction, we at SRS Consulting are committed to quality and innovation aimed at delivering a Total Customer Experience.

Sustainable practices oriented towards responsible social, economic, and environmental growth

We share the environmental and social commitments of our clients. Our sustainable business practices aim to not just maintain, but rather strengthen the client sustainability benchmarks. We have set up processes and annual reviews of our sustainability measures, and are in the process of reviewing the suitability of adopting ISO standards for Green IT, targeted specifically at the Technology Services sector.

Strategic intent and ability to see the larger picture

At SRS Consulting, we don’t see ourselves as service vendors. But rather, we view ourselves as client partners. This paradigm shift enables us to align ourselves with the larger strategic goal of our clients. The focus shifts from mere service delivery to maximizing value for the client by actively contributing towards their strategic goals. We believe that this sense of partnership and ownership gives us a distinct edge over our competitors.